Mineralogy Mod

The author of this incredible Mineralogy Mod is Dr. Cyano, a famous mod-developer from MinecraftForum! What this mod really does is show you the endless layers of stone blocks from mountains, hills, everywhere which you find underground and changes the world of Minecraft, adding igneous, sedimentary and metamorephic works in layers of their own as well !! After installed this mod, the earth you dig into will look really like the earth you dig in real life. If you were wondering about the sort of the layers, from top to bottom, it goes metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous! Moreover, this Mineralogy mod also adds a number of new rocks to make up these new layers!

In detail, these new rocks can be crafted into polished versions, just like the granite, diorite and adesite which from the original version of Minecraft ! This improvements has bring so many new design for villages, castles, even houses or other magnificent structures … This mod also contains a few highly useful recipes to the game as well. For example, it will allow you to make gunpowder in stacks of 4 by using sulfur and saltpeter with either charcoal or sugar!! If you want to make your Minecraft become more fabulous, you must check out this mod !! So hope you guys will enjoy this mod!