LodeCraft Resource Pack

From the name of this resource pack, some players might think about an old famous video game called Lode Runner. Exactly! This resource pack is a reflection of that old video game on the world of Minecraft. On the other hand, the huge improved textures included in LodeCraft resource pack have nothing to do with that old, but in my point of view, this still a good game. Of course, this resource pack has a fantasy theme going for it, look at those screenshots below, you will think the textures look similar to Hexen and DooM. Luckily, there are no monsters with a rocket launcher to worry about!

The resolution of this resource pack is only 32x, so there isn’t anything spectacular. On the other hand, it work perfectly fine even with some lower-end computers, this feature makes it become popular to every Minecraft Players. The kingdom, the structures, … everything looks fine, not too detail but nice looking. This LodeCraft resource pack is still on progress but it works fine with Minecraft 1.8 . Of course, it still getting updates from the creators, become better and better. So hope you guys will enjoy this resource pack!

Biomes o’ Plenty Mod

Firstly, this Biomes o’ Plenty Mod does just what the name would make you imagine. Secondly, this mod adds a number of new and awesome biomes to the world of Minecraft, and it also adds several new kinds of flora, as well as fantastic world and structure blocks to bring you into a whole new world with many different biomes. We could say that this mod is the one of the biggest Minecraft mods since the amount of data it adds to the game. However, this Biomes o’ Plenty mod makes use of many items and textures already existed in the world of Minecraft to produce some of the new biomes. In detail, not all of the content is new, but the creator of this mod had arranged them in a very different way so they hasn’t been seen before.

Winter, summer, … everything in this mod is Perfect! There are so many places for you to explore such as bogs, bayous, brushlands, … but in my opinion, the best place of this mod is the cherry forests, it’s so unique and beautiful. Some of the new places which this mod brings to the world of Minecraft also have custom spawns, you might see a lot of new monsters that you’ve never seen before in the original version of Minecraft. In general, this Biomes o’ Plenty mod is worth checking out. So hope you guys will enjoy it!

Sildur’s Shaders Mod

How long have you been playing Minecraft ? Have you ever felt bored with the standard lighting effects in the world of Minecraft ? In fact, if you try to set max both smooth lighting and graphics options, well, everything still block, not really has a nice looking. But don’t worry, today, we will present to you guys an fantastic mod called Sildur’s Shaders Mod. This is one of the best shader mods which focus on upgrading the overall look of the Minecraft game by adding so many realistic lighting effect, you guys could check out those screenshot below !! What an beautiful world !! Just like in real life, light rolls around every corners, brings realistic shadows, you must see it by yourself !! And just like other shaders, this Silder’s shaders mod requires a powerful graphics card, means a good bit of graphics processing source!

Furthermore, this mod is not only focus on improving lighting effects, it also implements waving grass as well. If you compare the new grass with the standard in Minecraft, the moving stuff will give you the impression for sure! Sunspots, motion blur, lens flares,… everything in this mod will help Minecraft look more realistic when this mod is installed !! All in all, we highly recommend you guys to check out this awesome mod !! So hope you guys will enjoy it!

Doge Mod

Have you ever heard about the Internet sensation Doge ? Today, we will introduce to you guys a mod which brings the hilarious Doge character to the world of Minecraft !! If you don’t know about him, search it and have yourself a laugh at the silly-looking Shibe dog !!! What a shame if you don’t realy know him as well. Back to the main, this mod not only add the Doge mod, which looks really like a wolf but with 10 times as much health, what an incredible creature, but it also adds so many new items, pieces of armor, weapons and more !! This mod is working normally up to 1.8, not 1.8.3 just yet.

Despite of the fact that this mod adds a lot of content to Minecraft, this Doge mod still has some complaints from some players. The thing is, Doge armor and swords are twice as strong as diamond kind of overshadows the true fact they only have half the durability as well. We don’t recommend you guys to play this mod on servers since your gear probably broken after a fight, maybe broken before you die … But everything else about this mod is great though !!

In my point of view, I think the best feature of this mod is the Dogecoin and Launcher combo. In detail, the Dogecoin can turn any monster you find into a Shibe, of course, this is a kind of dog like Doge. All you need to do this task is walk up and right click on something while you’re holding it !! On the other hand, the Doge Launcher allows you to fire those coins over a distance, like a range weapon, and they will active after hitting a mob but will be wasted if you shoot them into the block or strutures,…

Mineralogy Mod

The author of this incredible Mineralogy Mod is Dr. Cyano, a famous mod-developer from MinecraftForum! What this mod really does is show you the endless layers of stone blocks from mountains, hills, everywhere which you find underground and changes the world of Minecraft, adding igneous, sedimentary and metamorephic works in layers of their own as well !! After installed this mod, the earth you dig into will look really like the earth you dig in real life. If you were wondering about the sort of the layers, from top to bottom, it goes metamorphic, sedimentary and igneous! Moreover, this Mineralogy mod also adds a number of new rocks to make up these new layers!

In detail, these new rocks can be crafted into polished versions, just like the granite, diorite and adesite which from the original version of Minecraft ! This improvements has bring so many new design for villages, castles, even houses or other magnificent structures … This mod also contains a few highly useful recipes to the game as well. For example, it will allow you to make gunpowder in stacks of 4 by using sulfur and saltpeter with either charcoal or sugar!! If you want to make your Minecraft become more fabulous, you must check out this mod !! So hope you guys will enjoy this mod!

Some lines over the Minecraft server! Few tips also are given to create a multiplayer mode

Well, there are numerou

We all play games to remove all the stress and tension of life. There are so many games available in the world which offers excellent entertainment to relieve all the tension of life. Working regularly in offices and other workplaces always provide some extra pressure to live, and we need to remove all the stress by playing remaining games like Minecraft. The game is beautifully designed, and the developers of the game tried their best to give all the best graphics to the gamers who want to play a friendly game, which will help them to get all the refreshments for life. You can play this game in single player and multiplayer mode.

But there few people or gamers who want to play the game in a multiplayer mode, and for this, you need to make a beautiful server or network for the multiplayer gaming experience in the game. Below I will try my level best to give you some highlights over the making of Minecraft server for the multiplayer gaming experience.

  • Multiplayer gaming always provides more fun in the group. All the games mostly offer this ability to play the game in the groups, and you can do wonders in playing the game in groups by just adding the internet help in the game.
  • Minecraft is available for online gaming, in which you can add many servers for the gameplay. You need to visit the menu section of the game and just hit the add server point in the game to handle all the multiplayer gaming mode in the game.
  • You can add as many as a server you want to add in the game to play the game along with the other parts of the world. It is also necessary to handle all the server with all the security measures because many hackers are just in the chance of getting all the crucial links of your game progress in the game. 
  • It is better to start making the servers firstly only with your known friends and relatives who will give you all the insurance of one threat in the game while playing the game online with multiplayer mode of the game.
  • You can also visit the YouTube website or the search engine to find some nice videos over the gameplay of the game and also for the making of thousands of servers for the Minecraft game.
  • All the videos on YouTube are quite helpful to give all the help in making the right server for the game, which will provide you with all the essential fun and entertainment in the game by playing the game with all your known person in the world.


Finally, I can say that all the words are enough to provide you ample help in playing the game in a multiplayer mode with more securities measures, which is also very essential to play the game without much interruption in the gam. Just follow all the tips given in the game to make the servers for the Minecraft game.

s things present out there which the users or players should know when they are selecting a server for playing minecraft. If players learn all these things then they simply become able to know that which the best server for playing minecraft is. Not only is this, all gamers should know that they easily they can easily create their own minecraft server to play the game accordingly. To create a server they have to perform various steps such as choosing a theme, check the cost, find and use the right plug-ins and then do the advertisement.

By making appropriate deal with all these things, one can simply become able to create the best minecraft servers. Also, users develop multiple minecraft servers when they follow the same things properly. Now, let’s know some main things about minecraft. It is an arcade game which is played by people from all around the world. It offers both modes to the players that are single-player mode and multiplayer mode. They easily play the single-player mode but if they want to play the multiplayer mode, then they require minecraft server which is safe and available 24*7.

Things to know when selecting a minecraft server

Present below are few things by which all gamers easily become able to choose the best server among all minecraft servers present out there. They only have to understand the below mentioned things and then go ahead in the process easily –

  • Checkout the population

The same thing here means that gamers firstly need to check the population or number of players on every server. After then they have to choose that best server on which there are more number of players present.

If you want to play the small games, then choosing that server which contains 100 players is good for you. On the other side, if you want play the game with intimate community then you has to look for the minecraft server which contains almost 50 players.

  • Know the charges

It is the main thing on which you have to pay attention when choosing any server for playing minecraft. Gamers must know that there are mostly servers present which are free of cost but only few charge you. Therefore, before selecting any minecraft server you need to check out the charges and then go ahead accordingly.

  • Server rules

Almost all servers come with their own rules and terms. Therefore, it is crucial for the gamers to learn all these rules and then use the same server in an appropriate manner to play minecraft in a decent manner.

Therefore, by using all these things or by keeping all these things in mind, one can easily find and choose the perfect minecraft server among all others. As mentioned above about the reviews, so gamers should take help from the same source as to know which are the best minecraft servers to make use when going to play the particular game.

Shaders and low FPS

I got some new shaders for Minecraft. Even Optifine’s installed, everything’s hooked up. I have around 26 FPS with it dipping sometimes. I have a GTX 1050Ti graphics card.

The odd thing however is when I turn my render distance from 14 chunks to 48 chunks the FPS is the same. This leads me to believe my FPS should be higher.

Also my laptop is not hot at all when I have the shaders on. Do you think my computer could handle a higher FPS with shaders? If it can, how do I get higher FPS?

Slime farms?

I’m playing Minecraft and I wanted to make an easy way to get slimes as I need a lot of them, without having to go search a swamp, so I built a little slimefarm.

I went ahead and used Xenoshots design as you can see here https://youtu.be/iRkjZ4Blo4U and also built it on a slime chunk, below y=40, but still, while afking like 30blocks away, no slimes seem to be spawning.

I also lit up every cave I could find around up with torches, but it doesn’t seem to help, the results stay the same.

What else is there to do? On the video the farm is working great, but my farm doesn’t work that well… well it’s doesn’t work at all.

My survival paradise!

I usually only play creative because I love the building aspect of Minecraft and everything, but after a long time I finally started a survival world. I quickly found a savanna biome and a village in it, and I’ve decided to make the entire biome my territory on my server.

I already had the great idea to build a wall around the biome, build a castle for myself with of course a lot of luxury, I’m going to build massive farms for both vegetables and animal products, a giant mine complex and of course nether portals.

I was wondering if you have other ideas to do with my land or wanna play with me. The biome is massive and this will take me a lot of time, I know, but I want to make it the best of the best! Welcome everyone.

What do I do in survival mode?

So I’ve recently picked Minecraft back up. It had been a few years and I started a new survival game.

I have a house with a huge basement for storage, a farm with wheat, sugarcane, potatoes, melons, pumpkins, and carrots, and it’s also got some animals on it. I just made a huge strip mine and got a bunch of diamonds, so I made a nether portal, but I don’t really know what else to do…

I have a good base, got diamond tools and armor, and have a ton of food, is there anything else I should do, because I don’t know where to go from here.