Votifier test tool?

24th Nov, 2022

Votifier test tool?

So recently I was looking to start Minecraft server and as everyone nowadays probably already knows, votifier is a must, like every major server had votifier and rewards players for voting, if you don't believe just check out top Minecraft servers.

But votifier config file itself is quite nasty and some of the stuff can not be tested without vote sites so you can never be sure. As you can imagine I was pretty happy when I found out votifier test tool

which allows testing votifier configuration even if server is not even added to specific minecraft server list.

That being said I noticed that votifier itself is not enough, I was testing NuVotifer and it does in fact work and would forward and process votes, but in addition to that you still need plugin like GAL for example or something that would listen for votes on Minecraft server itself and give players ingame rewards, maybe even track votes and stack them, then give out special rewards to top votes.

I'm kinda in the middle of testing those plugins but I'm open for any suggestion, so feel free to drop me a message.