Best Minecraft server list

23rd Jan, 2023

Best Minecraft server list

These are some of my favorite servers for my favorite game. There are probably plenty more out there but these are the ones I found the most enjoyable. While searching for new exciting servers I find myself going to server list, since they've got all servers listed and tagged according to the game modes, ran on them, so i can easily filter out the ones i am searching for at the time. Anyway on to the servers:


Cubecraft is probably not really a server on it's own. It's more like a gateway or a collection of warps to different game modes. There are modes like Parkour, for which their collection of maps is absolutely massive, then there's the classic Skywars, the tower defense, archer assault and plenty of others that there's simply no way you would've grown bored of them. However it's also a bit intimidating for starting players getting to know the game for their first time, since they will probably have no idea what's going on.


Wildercraft is best described as a “semi-vanilla” server. It appeals to players looking for a more nature themed server, with quite an emphasis on collaboration, community and helping each other create something truly special. Players who are looking for a server closer to anarchy servers aren't going to be quite as satisfied with this one, since the rules are a bit stricter, but it's still a server well worth playing on, especially if you dont quite enjoy the more PvP aspects of Minecraft.


Looking on the otherside however, Minewind is the archetypal anarchy server. There are no rules about griefing or scamming other players out of their diamonds. It's a dog eat dog server. The only actual rule is no cheating, which should be obvious, but other than that you can do pretty much anything the game will allow. There is no one that's going to hold your hand through it, or help you, the exception being people who are waiting for you to turn your back. if you manage to make it a week without dying on this server, i'd definitely call that an achievement.


This is one of the most popular servers still the running the 1.16 and it's definitely popular. There's also plenty of people coming to this server looking for a community to play various minigames, such as Skyblock, Factions and Bed Wars which is arguably their most popular mini game. The server is quite sophisticated and extremely polished, so it's a joy to play on it.


Last but definitely not least, ExtremeCraft is what you get, when you put tons of hours and work into growing and maintaining a fun and competitive community built around the classic Minecraft game modes intermingled with the best of the fresh new things. There are plenty of minigames going on and there's always people building in survival or creative mode. There's also plenty of people willing to simply play the game with you in anyway, you want to. This is what helped propel this server to the top of the most people's rankings and it's the server I play at least once a weak on, whether I take part in the skywars challenge or simply run around survival looking for inspiration to build my next masterpiece.

These are my favorite Minecraft servers. However don't take my word for it, go to this minecraft server list and find one that's just right for you. See you around and maybe we can play together.