LodeCraft Resource Pack

From the name of this resource pack, some players might think about an old famous video game called Lode Runner. Exactly! This resource pack is a reflection of that old video game on the world of Minecraft. On the other hand, the huge improved textures included in LodeCraft resource pack have nothing to do with that old, but in my point of view, this still a good game. Of course, this resource pack has a fantasy theme going for it, look at those screenshots below, you will think the textures look similar to Hexen and DooM. Luckily, there are no monsters with a rocket launcher to worry about!

The resolution of this resource pack is only 32x, so there isn’t anything spectacular. On the other hand, it work perfectly fine even with some lower-end computers, this feature makes it become popular to every Minecraft Players. The kingdom, the structures, … everything looks fine, not too detail but nice looking. This LodeCraft resource pack is still on progress but it works fine with Minecraft 1.8 . Of course, it still getting updates from the creators, become better and better. So hope you guys will enjoy this resource pack!