Biomes o’ Plenty Mod

Firstly, this Biomes o’ Plenty Mod does just what the name would make you imagine. Secondly, this mod adds a number of new and awesome biomes to the world of Minecraft, and it also adds several new kinds of flora, as well as fantastic world and structure blocks to bring you into a whole new world with many different biomes. We could say that this mod is the one of the biggest Minecraft mods since the amount of data it adds to the game. However, this Biomes o’ Plenty mod makes use of many items and textures already existed in the world of Minecraft to produce some of the new biomes. In detail, not all of the content is new, but the creator of this mod had arranged them in a very different way so they hasn’t been seen before.

Winter, summer, … everything in this mod is Perfect! There are so many places for you to explore such as bogs, bayous, brushlands, … but in my opinion, the best place of this mod is the cherry forests, it’s so unique and beautiful. Some of the new places which this mod brings to the world of Minecraft also have custom spawns, you might see a lot of new monsters that you’ve never seen before in the original version of Minecraft. In general, this Biomes o’ Plenty mod is worth checking out. So hope you guys will enjoy it!