Sildur’s Shaders Mod

How long have you been playing Minecraft ? Have you ever felt bored with the standard lighting effects in the world of Minecraft ? In fact, if you try to set max both smooth lighting and graphics options, well, everything still block, not really has a nice looking. But don’t worry, today, we will present to you guys an fantastic mod called Sildur’s Shaders Mod. This is one of the best shader mods which focus on upgrading the overall look of the Minecraft game by adding so many realistic lighting effect, you guys could check out those screenshot below !! What an beautiful world !! Just like in real life, light rolls around every corners, brings realistic shadows, you must see it by yourself !! And just like other shaders, this Silder’s shaders mod requires a powerful graphics card, means a good bit of graphics processing source!

Furthermore, this mod is not only focus on improving lighting effects, it also implements waving grass as well. If you compare the new grass with the standard in Minecraft, the moving stuff will give you the impression for sure! Sunspots, motion blur, lens flares,… everything in this mod will help Minecraft look more realistic when this mod is installed !! All in all, we highly recommend you guys to check out this awesome mod !! So hope you guys will enjoy it!