Doge Mod

Have you ever heard about the Internet sensation Doge ? Today, we will introduce to you guys a mod which brings the hilarious Doge character to the world of Minecraft !! If you don’t know about him, search it and have yourself a laugh at the silly-looking Shibe dog !!! What a shame if you don’t realy know him as well. Back to the main, this mod not only add the Doge mod, which looks really like a wolf but with 10 times as much health, what an incredible creature, but it also adds so many new items, pieces of armor, weapons and more !! This mod is working normally up to 1.8, not 1.8.3 just yet.

Despite of the fact that this mod adds a lot of content to Minecraft, this Doge mod still has some complaints from some players. The thing is, Doge armor and swords are twice as strong as diamond kind of overshadows the true fact they only have half the durability as well. We don’t recommend you guys to play this mod on servers since your gear probably broken after a fight, maybe broken before you die … But everything else about this mod is great though !!

In my point of view, I think the best feature of this mod is the Dogecoin and Launcher combo. In detail, the Dogecoin can turn any monster you find into a Shibe, of course, this is a kind of dog like Doge. All you need to do this task is walk up and right click on something while you’re holding it !! On the other hand, the Doge Launcher allows you to fire those coins over a distance, like a range weapon, and they will active after hitting a mob but will be wasted if you shoot them into the block or strutures,…